Children Lost

Devastatingly, many vulnerable parents around the world have been exploited by the adoption industry. Their children have been taken and are still missing because of the “permanency” involved with overseas adoption. Some vulnerable parents are tricked into signing away their rights to their children to go to an orphanage (for food, education or health check-ups), on a “fun” vacation, a religious camp, or an “educational program,” giving the impression that their children will someday return.  These parents are not invited into the orphanages to help with care or to attend these “trips”. Many parents don’t know how to read or write and sometimes all that is required is a thumbprint signature on the relinquishment document.

Available July 2020

History has proven that adoption agencies transport the children to unsuspecting US and European families who are led to believe the children are orphans and are able to afford to pay thousands of dollars for the “service.” Some agencies give a routine paper called “Certificate or Orphanhood” to legalize the child’s transaction overseas.
In many cultural traditions, “adoption” refers to an informal, unofficial practice of allowing children to live with relatives in other parts of the country. Even though such adoption has occurred, parents still maintain contact with their children and the child’s true identity remains intact. In most parts of the world, the word “adoption” is lost in translation simply because many families do not understand the Western meaning of adoption, which includes an altered identity and permanent loss of birth family.
The sad truth is that most adoptive parents do not know if their foreign-born adopted child is a victim of child trafficking. Until the day of industry truth and transparency, child profiteers will continue to traffic children under the safety of intercountry adoption. Many families have suffered a life-long separation because of this unknown crisis.
No parent should ever have their child stolen to meet the intercountry-adoption market demand.
No parent should ever be forced or manipulated to relinquish their child to meet the adoption market demand.