Adoptopia: A Deep Dive Into the Life and Times of Adoptive Father, The Reverend Jim Jones

I’ve been off of Facebook for years to continue compiling material intended to shed light and empower adopted people. At the same time, I served as the primary caregiver for my adoptive father, who was injured in a 1984 hang-gliding accident—which is told in Americanized ‘72. Like many of us know, those of us adopted are caught between two worlds, never really belonging fully to either one. I am still burdened with additional responsibilities that need to be addressed since he is now almost 90, which might take the remaining part of this year. Still, I wanted to send a note letting you know that I do plan to create audios of some of the research I’ve finished with, and my sister will post them here. The first project is a deep dive into the life and times of adoptive father and cult leader, the Reverend Jim Jones. This material will take time to create. I still need to learn how to record etc.

I think you will be really fascinated by this deep dive into cult leader Jim Jones. You’ll even be able to listen to FBI recordings of when he adopted two of the children on a stage of all places. You might be interested to know that Rev. Jones was a huge proponent of adoption; he adopted children from Korea and domestically in the United States. During his sermons, he would say such things as “it’s brave to relinquish your child for adoption” and “adoption is love.”

In fact, the Reverend Jim Jones didn’t have a desire for biological children. He gave dynamic Pentecostal type preachings at his church (called The Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ), a Christian sect established in 1955, and at times sermonized that it was selfish for women to give birth to their own children when there were so supposedly countless “starving orphans” in the world. (Of course, we still hear the same rhetoric today when agencies are seeking donations). Because Jones invited African Americans and children of various ethnicities into his congregation, Reverend Jones quickly grew his Disciples of Christ congregation hailed as if “Christ-like.” I was blown away at what I had unearthed about him—and I think you will be too.

You might have noticed a remnant of that saviorhood attitude today by the Evangelical Orphan Movement (EOM) led by the satellite preachers of stadium churches all across the United States who for generations have been targeting nations the world over. Whenever anyone claims that “God told me to adopt,” they are claiming that they are above the law. And some proselytizers will do whatever it takes to “save face” while claiming to save “needy” children as did cult leader Reverend Jim Jones. So it’s not surprising to know that the entire Jonestown massacre came down to a custody battle between a [birth] father and Reverend Jones. Hence the term, “drinking the Kool-Aid.”  My research points out the dangers of staying positive (let me just put it in this way) while being convinced that you would be better off severing ties with your right arm. Sometimes we, the people, need to say, “Nope. Enough is enough.”

A cult-ure built on supposedly saving other people’s children from so-called inadequate, unwed, and even secular families prompted me to gather essays and title it Master Adoption: We Are Turning Adoption Upside Down (Follow the author for the pre-release announcement), an equal-rights book grounded in the laws of nature. I thought that I would create free audios of both books and share them.

I appreciate every single member of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network—even if we have not personally met or conversed yet. Send me, or to my sister Jenette a friend request or find me on Goodreads and Amazon. Continue to post news or thoughts on what’s going on in your area and around the world. Thanks for posting, sharing, and encouraging each other to speak truth to power.

Also, remember, together, we have already accomplished so much to alter the course of adoption history (and herstory). Each of us contributes to the collective in our own unique way; we are the people, for the people. Take care of yourself and each other!

Sending you my best,

Author and researcher, Janine Myung Ja

Author and researcher, Janine Myung Ja

Rev. Janine Myung Ja, Ph.D., Philosophy, Specializing in Conscious-Centered Living.

*Special thanks to Roelie Post, a Civil Servant of the European Commission, and Arun Dohle, Executive Director of Against Child Trafficking registered in the Netherlands for their education on international human rights agreements, particularly the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Please visit their websites. I would also like to thank my sister for accepting members into this group for so many years between her job at Life Care, and for her commitment to the cause, and for her creation of several websites.

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If you are adopted, your rights matter. Was your adoption ethical? You can take it here.

BTW: I just realized the word “parency” in transparency sounds awfully close to the combined words of parenting and piracy.