Why you should NOT adopt overseas

10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Adopt Overseas in 2022

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Has the global man-made market for children exploited mothers, fathers, families, and communities?

Free Information Before You Pay the $70,000 Adoption Cost for a Child:
  • Often children are not real orphans but ‘paper orphans‘ to be processed for international adoption.
  • Child finders (the middleman) are paid salaries to find the perfect child for the paying consumer.
  • Children are brought to orphanages in their country of origin for orphanages to able to receive funding. Parents are not able to come into the compound to see their children.
  • Many children are stolen or kidnapped for overseas adoption.  Children are not commodities.
  • Many vulnerable poor parents are misled into relinquishing by adoption profiteers.
  • Paperwork is modified and falsified for the adoption to go through. Adopted people are forbidden to receive their adoption paperwork when they are adults in order to find the truth.
  • International adoption costs an average of $40,000 to $70,000.  Supporting a mother and her child in Africa costs only $15 a month,
  • Adoptees are at a much higher risk of committing suicide.
  • Families do not do well separated–especially parents separated from their children. Families thrive when they stay together.
  • Many inter-country adoptees want to investigate their adoptions because they are suspicious of trafficking.
  • Most children come from poor single-parent families. They just need help to stay together. Families need support. You do not want to be a part of adoption trafficking.

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