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Who are we?  We are people who survived adoption.

How I Survived Adoption.
Be Featured Here offers global news on adoption based on the stories of families separated by adoption. The website was initiated in 2014 in conjunction with the anthology, Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists, the first book to address issues that adoption agencies were too afraid to face or trying to hide--the families left behind and individuals adopted. That's what makes us remarkable. We know that all of us have a story to share.

How I Survived Adoption

How I Survived Adoption.

If you feel compelled to share your story, please feel free to fill out this interview form. If you'd like to interview the co-founders of Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network, please send your questions to, an affiliate site.

Ten questions to learn about you and how you survived adoption. The purpose of the website is to share global adoption stories. Answer the questions you feel most comfortable sharing with the community.