Adoptionland: Meet me on the bridge. China Adoption

Meet Me on the Bridge

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Filmed and directed by Changfu Chang.

“My little girl was born in 1995, on July 24th, in the morning, in Suzhou. Because of poverty and other problems, we had no choice but to abandon our little girl on the street. If you have sympathy for us parents, please let us meet on the Broken Bridge in Hangzhou in 10 or 20 years time.” From the Chinese parents



“The adoptee’s voice is the most important voice in adoption, but it is the only voice that has been totally ignored in the now worldwide industry. Imagine being told that you were orphaned and believing this tale years into adulthood, only to find out years into the future—as an adult—that your biological family is still alive and searching for you. Because of concealed documents, adoption agencies can hide things like this. Most believe that this is no big deal. After adoption fees have been paid, your blood-related family is now stigmatized as your “birth family.” As a consequence, you and all your potential siblings and extended family members have no legal right to reunite—ever—even decades into the future—even when you’re 99 years old. Stories like this are the roots found within the research and history of Adoption: What You Should Know. Information is Power.”