Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium. What are families separated by adoption saying?

Town Hall Meeting: Educating the public on human rights for people impacted by adoption.

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Interested in joining the Town Hall discussion? Fill out the form here.

If Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Information Network, Against Child Trafficking USA, and/or were to host an “all hands-on discussion” on the underside of adoption, would you want to attend? If there is enough interest, we will host an international meet-up available via Zoom in the near future. Interested in educational materials on the Intersection Between Child Trafficking and International Adoption for your organization or NGO? Fill out this form.


For adopted people and families separated by adoption

Co-founded by the Vance Twins

We remove the myths about adoption.

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network (AT.TWIN) was initiated in 2011. We are a unique activist organization that uses various mediums to fulfill its mission to find resources, scrutinize, investigate, critique adoption policies and procedures, raise awareness, and share diverse adoption experiences. Simply put, our goal is to create a place that gives a well-rounded perspective on the adoption processes and policies. Members include domestic, late-discovery, transracial, internationally adopted people, and families separated by adoption, from every continent.