Tyler Graf, returns to his homeland and find out he was stolen from his mother in Chile at birth.

Tyler Graf at the Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium

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Tyler Graf and fellow panelists at the Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium. Adopted? Your opinion matters. Fill out the survey here.
What are adult adoptees saying about adoption today? Hear the stories from across the nation and overseas, representing the U.S., First Nations, India, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Haiti, New Zealand, Chile, Guatemala, Spain, and Colombia for an all-day private event to shine a light on the unknown adoptee-centric narratives that need to be told—all rooted in one thing: the practice of adoption.

For the list of presenters, panelists, and participants, visit here.

Curators at AdoptionHistory.org believe that we help shape the future through researching and preserving the past and present and sharing our knowledge with the world. We invite you to see things anew through the lens of our outstanding members from Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Information Network and the researchers and field investigators at Against Child Trafficking. You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible and expand your mind in a miraculous way. We always keep our information fresh through our special events, educational lectures, and temporary exhibitions. Join us at the Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium and see life through the lens of individuals who had been adopted domestically, transracially, and internationally. You will also hear the vitally important narratives from siblings and families separated by adoption and parents of loss.

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Are You a Domestic, Late-Discovery, Transracial, International Adoptee, Parents and/or Family Members Separated By Adoption? 

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Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network (ATTWIN) was initiated on November, 5th 2011, hosted by Adoption Trafficking. We are a unique activist organization that uses various mediums to fulfill its mission to critique adoption policies and procedures, raise awareness, and share diverse adoption experiences. Simply put, our goal is to create a place that gives a well-rounded perspective on the adoption processes and policies. Members include domestic, late-discovery, transracial, internationally adopted people, and families separated by adoption, from every continent.