BBC Sounds: Adoptees from South Korea Call for an Investigation

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BBC Sounds:  Adoptees from South Korea call for an investigation into false family histories.

“Nearly 300 people adopted by European and American parents from South Korea as children have made applications demanding South Korea’s government investigate their adoptions. They suspect documents about their identities and families were falsified. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Korea has four months to make a decision on whether to open an investigation. If it goes ahead, the investigation would be the country’s furthest reaching into foreign adoptions. Novelist Eva Tind was adopted by a Danish family. For 14 years, she and her adoptive parents believed she was an orphan until: ” I was told that I was sent a postcard from my biological family. And that just sent a huge shock-wave in my life because the whole story that I thought that I was in orphanages is not true”.”

BBC Sounds with an interview with the Author of The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption, Adopted from South Korea, Janine Vance.

What are Korean adoptees saying today about adoption?