Afghan couple sues U.S. Marine for allegedly abducting baby

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Yamiche Alcindor, Washington Week

An Afghan couple are suing a U.S. Marine and his wife for allegedly abducting their baby. The Marine asked a federal judge to dismiss the case, insisting that he and his wife are the child’s legal parents. On Washington Week Recommends, Yamiche Alcindor talks to Juliet Linderman, who has been reporting on this story, to learn more about the international custody battle over the now 3-year-old girl — born in Afghanistan — playing out in the U.S. court system. Washington Week Recommends is a weekly live series hosted by Yamiche Alcindor that highlights compelling reporting across the country.
Five days after the Afghans arrived in the U.S., they say (Joshua) Mast – custody papers in hand — took her away…That was more than a year ago. The Afghan couple hasn’t seen her since.
“After they took her, our tears never stop.’
“Right now, we are just dead bodies. Our hearts are broken. We have no plans for a future without her. Food has no taste, and sleep gives us no rest.’ There is nothing to celebrate without her. There is no happiness here,’ We are counting the moments and days until she will come home.”

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