Danish International Adoption Has Been Reported to the Police

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Danish International Adoption has been reported to the police after the information came to light that several children may have been trafficked to Denmark. Journalist Camilla Boje Hertz and Jessica Skovmose

The adoption center DIA (Danish International Adoption) has been reported to the police for possibly being instrumental in illegal adoptions between 1979 and 1995. This happens after a TV 2 documentary which brings information that casts doubt on whether adoptions may have taken place from Chile to Denmark in violation of the rules.

As TV2 ØST could tell on Sunday, Rune Renato Hansen from Tølløse is one of the 111 Chilean children who were adopted to Denmark during the period. In the TV 2 documentary “De stjålne børn” he travels to Chile with his friend Christina Birkemose from Haslev, where they get to reinforce the suspicion that he may have been adopted against his parents’ wishes.

In 2018, it emerged that it is believed that up to half of the 20,000 Chilean children who were adopted from Chile in the period between 1970 and 1990 have been stolen.

Is this happening in the United States too?

Meanwhile, meet Tyler Graf, who was trafficked and adopted from Chile to the US and was on the panel of Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium held in Tacoma, Washington, on June 18th, 2022.

“We will not be used by the adoption profiteers and their customers,” Rev. Dr. Janine Vance, the Program Director of the first-ever historical event and author of Adoption: What You Should Know.

This event was a groundbreaking all-day symposium founded on rare and unacknowledged perspectives presented by concerned overseas and domestic adult adoptees. It was an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers on why adoptees refuse to be used as props in the religious and political intersection of child trafficking and international adoption. Share this announcement with your network. Against Child Trafficking USA is a 501c3 all-volunteer organization initiated by adoptees to educate and protect vulnerable communities from a fierce demand-driven market.

Protect Local and Global Families.

“You also need to be protected. This information will empower you. You must know the current global activism by adult adoptees and our allies! If you cannot attend, consider donating to ACT USA. Education is key when it comes to child trafficking prevention.”

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