Kenya – Babies for Sale

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Many cases of missing children, some barely a few days old, are reported in Kenya. While some eventually end up as cases of kidnapping by ransom seekers, many children are literally sold to buyers seeking a shorter route to child adoption or to traffickers eyeing international child markets. Citizen’s TV Michael Njenga went undercover to unmask the faces behind the criminal trade. And as he found out, with the right price, a buyer has the luxury of choosing from the many baby offers available in the underworld market.

The health facility linked to infant trafficking in Nairobi’s Kayole estate has been shut down. Consequently, the proprietor of the facility will be charged in court with the offence of human trafficking, operating an unregistered clinic as well as masquerading as a trained pharmacist. This comes even as more victims narrated their ordeal after losing their newly born babies at the same clinic.

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