We are approaching the one year anniversary of Hyunsu’s brutal death.

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As we welcome the New Year and continue seeking justice for our baby brother Hyunsu, we also are approaching the one year anniversary of his brutal death. I have created this fundraiser page to purchase either a headstone for Hyunsu’s gravesite here in the US, or a memorial plaque to be placed in his memory in Korea, depending on what is the best possible closure we can work towards in his honor. The average cost of a headstone is $1,500.
Catholic Charities, Holt and MPAK have said and done nothing for this boy, not even a word of apology on his behalf since the admission by Brian O’Callahan of his guilty plea.  This is a way for the rest of us to show we care and Hyunsu was not forgotten and swept under the rug. Thank you for supporting this fundraiser in honor of a child that lost his life to a very cruel adoption.

Read the latest article with the guilty plea from November 23rd here.

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