Houston Attorney Calls CPS an Adoption Mill More Interested in Money than Kids

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January 31, 2016
by Randy Wallace



When it comes to protecting children the state agency in charge of that has financial incentives to take kids away from their parents.

“For every child that’s taken into custody for at least 6 months is covering 25 peoples’ paychecks,” says veteran family law attorney Julie Ketterman.

Judges, attorneys, case workers, therapists and many others are dependent on CPS taking children into their custody to make a living.

Some states get millions in federal funding all based on the number of children taken by CPS.

“It’s not about the children anymore it’s not about the parents anymore it’s not about the families anymore,” Ketterman said. “It’s about what government funding we can get and how can we get it.”

Ketterman says CPS in Texas has become an adoption mill.

By becoming foster to adopt parents many couples are finding a cheap way to adopt a child Ketterman says.

She says she sees hundreds of parents a week losing their parental rights because CPS’s 12 month program they must adhere to in order to get their kids back is designed to make most parents fail.

“These children are placed with you and if mom and dad aren’t doing what they’re suppose to do or a relative or something like that you get first dibs on that baby,” said Ketterman.

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