The Adoption Industry – Collusion, Coercion and Confusion

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SPECIAL TOPIC Night – “For Our Kids” – Deborah Maddison and Eugenea Couture, Canadian activists from British Columbia, will join Bill Murray to lead this evening’s discussion about the Rights of Children and Families in North America. ~~ TONIGHT’S TOPIC: ” The Adoption Industry – Collusion, Coercion and Confusion.” Adoption is a multi-billion dollar industry that profits off of children and cloaks itself in almost impenetrable secrecy. There is the underlying myths that these are unwanted children whose background, culture and family history can be erased. This is a birthright that all humans are constitutionally entitled to know although many parents were coerced or forced into making a decision with consequences that haunt them for the rest of their lives. Join us tonight as we hear both shocking and inspirational stories with Psychotherapist and author Joe Soll, advocate and founder of ‘Save Our Sisters’ Lynne Johannsen and re-united adoptee Brad Watts. Also with us tonight are John Bledsoe, Natasha Marie Leroy and Rita. We are also pleased to welcome Ella Purkiss whose adoption story is so shocking it is something everyone needs to hear. ~~ Every two weeks a new THEME will be presented in this series, with frequent special guests speaking from their own experience. ~~ Please see our web page at: or write to:

“When a baby is separated from its mother, the baby experiences the death of her mother and the mother experiences the death of the baby. It’s a psychological death, but the loss is no different then a real death, or a kidnapping.  Mommy is here, mommy is gone, baby is here, baby is gone…’s a trauma of the highest order….and yet as a society we don’t recognize the enormity of this loss.”  Joe Soll,  Psychotherapist and author

Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists, contributor Joe Soll along with Ella Purkiss contributor of The “Unknown” Culture Club: Korean Adoptees, Then and Now are both interviewed  and bring up vital issues with Bill Murray, Stop Child Abuse Now

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