Exposing Adoption Lies & Propaganda #adoptiontrafficking

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How Much Are American Children Worth?

Jennifer Lyn Wachowski exposes lies and propaganda of the multi-billion dollar adoption industry, the selling of newborns to the highest bidders. Amber and Jennifer discuss the intricacies of adoption law – it is in the best interest of adoption attorneys and law-makers to support adoption because selling the babies of poor, marginalized mothers is their livelihood. Jennifer exposes the fallacies and ugly coercion the industry uses to threaten mothers and seize babies. Amber and Jennifer discuss the current case of #bringBabyElliotHome in Mobile, Alabama. Jennifer explains adoption law, clarifying the terms and rhetoric. She exposes “open adoption” as part of contract law, therefore, breakable by adopters at any point. Jennifer debunks adoption propaganda citing the reality, money, motives, consequences, and trauma behind adoption.

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