In Hyunsu’s Memory

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I am writing this letter on behalf of Hyunsu’s life and in his memory.  This letter is to Hyunsu’s Korean mother, Foster mother and ALL Mothers who want to protect their children, because I believe our children are an extension of ourselves.  First, I am so sorry of his tragic death and my greatest hope is that on a global scale we can learn and become better at taking care of the world’s children.  I cannot even imagine the pain and broken heart that his Korean Mother and Foster Mother felt upon hearing the news of his murder and will feel forever in their hearts, which I am so sorry.  The community failed on so many levels in protecting this child from abuse and death.  So many injustices along the way to his tragic death and that is why I want to investigate the root of negligence so that we can stop this from ever happening to other little children in the future.  I believe this could have been prevented since the very first breath of Hyunsu entering the world.  Because society did not see the value of his Mother’s love to her child due to her being stigmatized for whatever reason, he left his mother’s arms, which is the first tragedy.  The community did not protect the sacred bond between mother and child and therefore he was at a disadvantage from the very start.  When the Mother is groomed into thinking she does not deserve to keep her own flesh and blood that is the very first violation against the mother child unit.  If society respected this bond, he would still be in his loving mother’s embrace.  Because society viewed this natural bond as a ‘burden’ the two were separated and she was forced into thinking she had to ‘relinquish’ the rights of her child into a system that is led by money.  Her connection to her child was permanently severed all with a stroke of a pen. Does a mother deserve this punishment?

Because this sacred mother son relationship was broken two adoption agencies jumped up and took advantage of the situation. After being taken from his real mother, Hyunsu was then given to a Korean foster mother to be cared for and she loved Hyunsu so much that she wanted to adopt him herself.  But the adoption agency told her she could not adopt the little boy:  *

“Holt simply ignored my request, saying it was illegal to adopt a foster child. But I later learned that was a lie,”

therefore another tragedy happened for little Hyunsu. This was a way for the adoption agency to send him overseas because of the bigger profits they receive when arranging international adoptions.  Handing off the child as if he was a commodity for the agency to make a profit is a lesson we must learn about humanity.

Is this really in the best interest of the child or the best interest of the industry?

Let this be a lesson, everyone who was involved with handing down the child through the chain of adoption is responsible for the well-being of Hyunsu and unfortunately responsible for his early death. If the mother cannot care for or is forced to relinquished then by all means, let the Korean Foster mother continue to care for the child she so loved.  But because he was bought and sold into the international adoption arena he missed the opportunity of being raised by another mother in his own homeland where he would have had the chance to know both mothers (who loved him) he could have been alive today.

Because of the negligence of the ‘powers to be’, he was abandoned in a foreign country with no resources for help.  He had no choice.  He was placed with a MONSTER with no voice, no power to protect himself, with nothing.  The greatest tragedy of all is the horrific abuse he suffered on his little body that had no one to protect him, no one to help him, to hold him while he suffered and breathed his last breath, no one familiar to surround him or hold his hand while he died.  He was left lifeless….alone.

Together, society and the adoption industry abandoned him in the most horrific situation and it resulted in him being left with a monster of a man who killed him off………  while he had two mothers who loved him in his homeland, which the adoption agencies totally ignored due to their own greed I believe they should be held accountable for Hyunsu’s death too. A mother’s love is constant but the world failed him…and for that it is an even greater injustice, a nightmare, a crime and sadly totally preventable. I hope this teaches us something in Hyunsu’s memory.

Moon Ja Kim

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