I never consented for my son to be adopted

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I appeal for your good heart with understanding and compassion for the pain and anguish I feel as a father who has been unjustly kept away from my son. I hope that you can find it in your heart to empathize and agree to my request.

Went to Malaysia after residing in Singapore from 2010 till 2015. Had a relationship with the intention for good. My girlfriend became pregnant and gave birth to our beautiful little son on 2 February 2016 at Pentai Cheras hospital in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
I attended prenatal visits with my son’s mother, and made financial contributions for her medical care during her pregnancy, fully expecting to be involved in the upbringing of my son.

The day after my son’s birth, I was shockingly denied access to him! I remained in regular communication with my girlfriend, seeking information about him.
I kept requesting access, but she refused. Copies of the messages exchanged, and photographs are in my possession attesting to the nature of the relationship and the sudden change in behavior after the birth of my son.

For the last 18 months, I have spared no effort in trying to locate my son. This has caused mental and emotional anguish over missing him, worrying for his safety, and his well being.

Although I suspected my son could have been adopted, it was not until couple months ago that I obtained confirmation that he was adopted but without my knowledge or consent.

Thru the request of my lawyer, they refused to give me data; now it is a battle that I am taking. I cannot give in until my son has his rights to his father respected.

Everyone is born with a precondition: “DNA,” roots, and heritage that should not be disregarded, disrespected, nor ignored.

My goal is to win him back. I will not stop until my last breath. My son should have his rights respected. I never consented nor agreed for my son to be given away (adopted). I am fighting for him, and I need your help. He will appreciate it and love you for helping. Visit original fundraiser here.

My Sorrow & Hope 
It’s been two Christmases now,
I’ve locked all my pain inside.
I am cautious but aware.
I allow no one to see my broken heart,
In the silence of my room.
I cry myself to sleep,
Wishing someday we will see each other again.
All my life you have been in the shadows,
Some days there, some days not.
But to see the rainbow,
We must endure the storm.
So I will wait until you see,
That all this fighting is for you.
I am dying deep down, but will never give up.
Since the last time I heard your voice,
It was a simple ‘hello.’
Then the sound of the ringtone.
Why must you do this?
Why must it be this way?
But I still love you, and will always love you.
And forever will,
Because I am still proud
To say that you are
My Son.

In order to win back custody for my son, I need to retain and pay for an attorney. I am unable to share my documents publicly, but Against Child Trafficking USA has copies of all legal documents.

U.S. Residents can contribute by donating to ACTUSA via PayPal using actusa@riseup.net (or use the donation button below) and we will make sure all funds go to the father. Write in the subject line, “DH”. Donors who reside in the US can deduct contributions they make because of ACT USA charity 501(c)(3) status.

Thank you so much for your Gift of Hope!