Adoption History 101: An Orphan’s Research

Has the global push for adoption exploited mothers worldwide? Adoption History summarizes the inception and growth of the adoption industry, focusing on its roots and its never-ending life-altering consequences kept from public awareness. For years, adoption agencies have denied adult adoptees access to documents that could lead them back to their families.

This exploration reveals the hidden side of adoption formerly ousted from public view for the benefit of profits and proselytizing to other people’s children.

Packed with quotes from adoptees of the European Child Migration Schemes, the 1854 Orphan Train Movement, the 1954 Evangelical Baby “Swoop” Era, and an adoptee trafficked from Haiti, this research serves to corroborate with those adotpees who have felt isolated, but did not understand the reason. In addition, a real Ethiopian orphan speaks her mind in defense of the rights of adopted people.

It is only natural for Mother-Nature to recover itself. This research is motivated by a Haitian adoptee who died of heart failure after learning that he had been trafficked to France for overseas adoption but was never able to acquire justice due to the public’s love affair with the practice. This short book deconstructs the industry and acknowledges the families left behind.