Author and researcher, Janine Myung Ja

Rev. Dr. Janine Myung Ja, Ph.D.

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The rEvolutionary Orphan Speaks:
The adoptee’s voice is the most important voice in adoption, but it is the only voice that has been totally ignored in the now worldwide industry. Imagine being told that you were orphaned and believing this tale years into adulthood, only to find out years into the future—as an adult—that your biological family is still alive and searching for you. Because of concealed documents, adoption agencies can hide things like this. Most believe that this is no big deal. After adoption fees have been paid, your blood-related family is now stigmatized as your “birth family.” As a consequence, you and all your potential siblings and extended family members have no legal right to reunite—ever—even decades into the future—even when you’re 99 years old. Stories like this are the roots found within the research and history of Adoption: What You Should Know.
Who likes to be the bearer of bad news? No One. But, someone needs to do it. And, it takes guts—especially when the profiteers and their devotees need for you to be quiet, smile, and say thank you. If you complain, they will call you “negative,” label you as “unable to bond,” and oust you from the conversation. Read this book before it happens to someone you love. Information is Power.

Adoption: What You Should Know reveals surprising and necessary information needed before you consider adopting or relinquishing a child. If you are adopted, you will also find value in this book. It will give you deeper insight into your own adoption and global bird’s eye view on the practice. Learn how the child movement began, spread, and why some domestic and international adult adoptees are against the practice today. Know more about the history and the industry than the professionals in the field. This unconventional history book has been called mind-blowing by fellow adoptee-rights activists. The main movements of children are organized into four sections and referred to as Orphan Ships (Europe), Orphan Trains (America), Orphan Planes (Asia), and Orphan Trafficking (Africa). This investigation by the co-founder of Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network, the largest adoptee-led group on social media, offers the information you need to make informed decisions about the practice. *NOTE: Previously sold as Adoption History 101: An Orphan’s Research.

“I took advantage of the holidays to read Adoption: What You Should Know. It was an eye-opening experience. Actually, it continues to be an eye-opening experience because I find myself going back to details of the historical sections time and again. I very much like that the book places so much emphasis on historical developments, which are also aptly presented as global phenomena. They bring home even more strongly that adoption transports own, by now, a very long, under-researched, and nefarious history. On the latter subject the author is clear in her objectives: creating awareness, inspiring action, guiding reform that must include the voices of the adoptees themselves. Warmly recommended! A marker of the turning tide in adoption literature, now that adult adoptees are finding their own voices and creating their own forums. As a movement, that, too, is to be commended.” ~Professor, Gonda Van Steen, author of Adoption, Memory, and Cold War Greece

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