International Adoption Corruption

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There is nothing that matters more to human beings than knowing our biological roots. Children, who are moved from their biological families or their birth environment, live with a big gaping hole in their hearts that nobody or nothing could ever fill.
Orphan children are children who lost one or two of their parents. They have other families who are alive and well and are willing to care for their orphaned grandchildren if the orphaned have grandparents. Uncles and aunts could care for their niece and nephews. Big brothers and sisters could take good care of their siblings. There are extended families who could take care of orphaned relatives as that was how it was done…before orphanages and adoption agencies showed up in poor countries and started shipping children internationally.
Consider looking deeply into, how you could help families raise their own orphans in their own communities. Don’t be a funding resource for orphanages and adoption agencies whose main goal is to run lucrative business, selling poor children from poor countries to wealthy buyers in the western world.
You can make a real difference in the lives of innocent children who are victimized by greedy orphanages and adoption agencies… All you have to do is think what would be the best option for the children…
Every day, potential adoption parents mistakenly buy into lies they hear in commercials about international adoption. They hear ‘Christian adoption agency’ and assume they are working with a reputable service that is protecting children and ensuring their placement into warm homes and loving families.
What these families don’t know is that international adoption is full of corrupt agencies that use children as a way to make money. They see them as a commodity to be traded. If they can’t find healthy children to sell, they steal them from their poor families and change the paperwork to list them as orphans.
Yes, international adoption corruption is that cruel. In this book, ‘International Adoption Corruption,’ through case studies and stories, we will expose the fraud that takes place daily, we also show ways to help protect the lives of innocent children. We all should be aware of this heinous crime against innocent children and their humble biological families who have fallen victims to international adoption corruption.
We owe it to heartbroken and uprooted children who mourn their loss of everything that matters to human beings and we owe to the poor, the vulnerable and humble families who have been hurt for so long with nobody paying attention to their grief. Both internationally adopted children and their biological families are living in sorrow, bereavement, regret, misery, anguish, agony, despair, torments and deep heartache they are left with; to suffer throughout their lives.
Roman Akafate