2013- For the first time in adoption history that Indian parents-of-loss were taken to an adoption conference. The agencies refused to allow the missing children of the Indian parents in to tell their stories. Many of these parents had their children abducted from off the streets! Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists found on Amazon contains an Indian mother’s story.

Against Child Trafficking USA supports the work of Against Child Trafficking

Recently formed ACT USA is a registered 501c 3 and now accepting donations in the effort to:
  • enable field research and investigate cases

  • develop and spread educational materials based on the correct interpretation and proper implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

  • organize and participate in human trafficking based forums and related fields

  • provide professional and peer support for victims of child trafficking

Fatima waits to be reunited with daughter 16 years after abduction
Fatima waits to be reunited with
daughter 16 years after abduction



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The documentary series about child trafficking for international adoption purposes, please watch:

 FUSION PRESENTS: The Traffickers

Click on the link below for the episode preview:

The Dark Side of Adoption

Inside the underworld of international adoption

Who’s really profiting from international adoptions?

Is this adoption agency selling children?

In many developing countries the concept of adoption is a foreign one

                                                                                                                     Thank you,

                                                                                                              The ACT USA Team

The ACT USA team was able to raise enough funds to gather parents and families of child trafficking from rural areas of India to an adoption conference put on by Europe. They were not allowed in the conference.

The ACT team in action funded by ACT USA


Parents of adoption loss, gathered from rural places in India requesting to be acknowledged. ACT USA funded this gathering.
Children stolen for International Adoption. Parents are wearing bibs to raise awareness. They were not allowed into the adoption conference held by the ‘adoption professionals’.
Arun Dohle speaking on behalf of the parents. An Indian adoptee who is an investigator and researcher for Against Child Trafficking Europe.
Fatima (and her son) begging to the news reporters to at least see her daughter. She has not seen her for 16+ years. The adoptive parents won’t allow it stating they are ‘protecting her.’


Anjali Pawar and Arun Dohle working for Child Rights.


Chennai couple’s last-ditch effort to meet kidnapped daughter adopted in Australia 14 years ago:  The last time Fatima saw her two year-old daughter Zabeen in the flesh was in 1998 when she was playing with her four year-old brother Hussain outside a tea shop near their house in Washermanpet in Chennai.
Sixteen years down the line, Zabeen now lives over 7000 kilometres away in Australia under a different name with her Australian adoptive parents.
The story is devastating, yet the couple who lost their only daughter are still full of hope.
Two years old when she was whisked away in an auto by an unidentified man, Zabeen was one amongst nearly 250 to 300 children in Tamil Nadu, many of them kidnapped and then sent off to locations abroad as a part of racket planned by an adoption agency and orphanage known as the Malaysian Social Services.  

* In order to protect the dignity and identity of children, we do not use photos of children or hire children models and actors  in order to build sympathy from potential donors.  We understand that it’s not in the best interest of children and harms them with labels.

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