• “Heart-rending story of parents seeking to get back children snatched from them and then sent for adoption abroad.

Fourteen years now, Nagarani had been trying to get back her son – stolen and then sent for adoption abroad – without any luck.

“Long years have gone by. It seems we are losing our fight. I doubt if I shall ever get back my son,” she says in between uncontrollable sobs, squatting in her tin-roofed ramshackle shack.

Nagarani’s frustrating quest is shared by many other Indian parents, whose children were stolen by child traffickers and then sold into adoption in foreign countries.”  Read the full story, here.

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Against Child Trafficking USA supports the work of Against Child Trafficking.

ACT USA is a registered 501c 3 and now accepting donations in the effort to:

  • enable field research and investigate cases
  • develop and spread educational materials based on the correct interpretation and proper implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)
  • organize and participate in human trafficking based forums and related fields
  • provide professional and peer support for victims of child trafficking