Imagine being adopted and told all your life you had been orphaned or abandoned. Imagine if this made-up certificate was only to process you overseas for adoption. The typed sentence on your adoption document prevented you legally from ever looking for your family—next of kin. In fact, to look for a family does not even enter your consciousness—you’re too busy being the son or daughter within the adoptive home.

What if you lived your entire life not knowing that you came from a family that consists of parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, paternal and maternal grandparents who may have been looking for you? You might even enter adulthood never knowing that you were thought about—or loved. This has happened to more people than publicly known.
Knowledge is power. The cofounders of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network have found stories like these and more and have shared some of them in Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists. You may have seen Jenette, the administrator of the group, posting pertinent articles. Janine has stayed in the background organizing the crisis into several books so that the public can see how the problem evolved.

Join the private AdoptionTruth and Transparency Worldwide Network on Facebook, a worldwide meeting place, news hub, and  human rights advocacy space for families separated by adoption. We shed light on the hidden side of adoption.

This is the first group in history that has invited parents and family members of adoption-loss to participate in a discussion. Until now, long lost family members of adoption have been excluded from the industry dialogue and from adoption policy making. We are the first group to invite parents of adoption-loss to speak about child protection. Please understand that the topic is very sensitive and personal for all involved—especially for family members, parents of loss and adopted people. Many members have been aware of unethical adoption practices for many years but resisted by the mainstream from sharing stories, therefore, comments by some members might be blunt in nature. Critical point of views might be construed as extreme or radical by those who are not aware of human rights in accordance with the United Nations or have been sheltered from all sides of adoption. 

Adoptees”: We Are Not Who They Think We Are, available Kindle Edition
by, Janine Myung Ja

“I believe information is power. The intention of my writing is to empower you. I believe that you deserve to know more than the politicians in the field so that you can approach the discussion with confidence, knowing to the fullest extent possible, your human rights.
As someone who has researched the industry for two decades, I’ve noticed that adoption facilitators have had the monopoly on the adoption discussion for generations.” – Janine Myung Ja

Adoption History 101, An Orphan’s Research
by, Janine Myung Ja

“In Adoption History 101: An Orphan’s Researchauthor and adoption rights activist Janine Myung Ja uncovers the ugly underbelly of the modern world-wide adoption industry and recounts some of the heartbreaking and even shocking truths about historical adoption movements and programs. In a well-researched, well-referenced text which she humbly describes as “a short summary,” she educates, advocates, and warns.”  ~Kimberlee J Benart

More then a forum, it is a movement!