An exclusive first look at ‘The Traffickers’

From Asia to Africa and beyond, journalist Nelufar Hedayat goes under the radar tracking down black markets in Fusion’s newest series, The Traffickers, to learn how guns, babies, even human organs are bought, moved, and sold to the highest bidder.

In this exclusive look at the first episode, Nelufar begins her journey in America, which adopts more children from overseas than all other countries in the world put together. But ominous forces lurk beneath many of these joyful unions.

To see Roelie Post, Civil Servant of the European Commission and the author of For Export Only: The Untold Story of Romanian ‘Orphans’, and the founder of Against Child Trafficking, watch the exclusive first look of The Traffickers. 

Against Child Trafficking is an international child rights organization, registered in the Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce: 09183849).

Against Child Trafficking’s primary focus is the fight against the commodification of children, especially opposing:

–  the market in children for intercountry adoption

–  the market of transnational commercial surrogacy

Against Child Trafficking promotes the full implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) that first and foremost gives children the right to be cared for by their parents.  It is the responsibility of the State to support families and communities in the upbringing of their children. Intercountry adoption may only be considered if there is no way at all to bring up a child in-country and that includes foster care and residential care. All efforts should be made to keep families together.

In the last fifty years, an adoption industry had developed that served the demand for children in the Western world. An industry in which huge sums of money are involved. Children are sold for money (disguised as adoption fees) mainly through licensed and accredited adoption agencies and regulated by adoption laws.

The good news is that the intercountry adoption market has been reduced by some 75% over the last 10 years.  Against Child Trafficking is proud to have played a significant role in this by exposing the deceit, injustice and right out trafficking.

The bad news is that now the market on transnational commercial surrogacy is on the rise.  Not only are the rights of children being broken (identity, right to know one’s parents), also women are exploited at several levels (as egg donors, as surrogates).

ACT considers this demand-driven market in children to be child trafficking/sale of children.

The demand for children to adopt keeps prices high and creates a lucrative marketplace where babies can be traded as commodities. This is a massive market consisting of child finders, baby snatchers, traffickers, criminal gangs, and fraudulent agencies.  — Sumithra Prasanna

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