Adopted People

Do you have concerns about your adoption?

Adopted People:

  • Are you prevented from obtaining your birth records or even looking at your birth certificate?
  • Were your adoption records, altered, lost or withheld from you? Are you prevented from seeing your own personal adoption file about you? Are you having to go to the news media to find the truth about your origin?
  • Was the financial records not to industry standards, revised or withheld from the general public?
  • If you are a foreign born adopted person are you a US citizen? Is this information recorded in the Social Security office?
  • Were you led to believe you were an orphan only to discover later that you came from a family?
  • Has any member of your family approached the agency in an attempt to locate you but was turned away by the agency?
  • Did your adoption documents report that you have siblings? Or other family members? Were you separated from a sibling?
  • Was the financial records not to industry standards, revised, or withheld from the general public?
  • Were you sent to people who harmed you in any way? Did they inflict any physical, mental/emotional (such as verbal abuse), sexual, or force you into their religious practices?
  • Did the adoption agency give you emergency contact information or checked on your well-being?
  • Was your ethnic, cultural heritage respected? Did you experience any discrimination or racism?
  • Were you able to immediately speak and understand the same language of those in the adoptive home and community?
  • How long did it take you to be able to communicate and to be understood?
  • Did the adoption agency help you find your biological family at your request?
  • Was your identity changed which would prevent biological family members from finding you? name, birthdate, family data. (correct data is pertinent for parents to be able to find back their stolen children.)
  • Did the adoption documents alter any aspect of your true identity such as changed the spellings of your birth family?
  • Did the agency send you letters from your birth family at their request or your letters to them at your request?
  • Has the agency been completely transparent with you?
  • Did the agency treat you disrespectfully?
  • Do you feel the adoption was in your best interest?
  • Do you feel you could handle the truth of your origin?


The above is a list of the current concerns adopted people have been silently struggling with for decades.

Thank you.

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Some of the agency concerns will be published on this website as examples of unethical adoptions. Your input could be used to help reform the adoption practice. You may use a pseudonym. Your name and email will be kept anonymous.

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