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Are you tired of adoptive parent-led adoption groups that try to teach about adoption, or attempt to “heal adoptees” or force us to stay “positive,” yet they can’t accept the additional burdens we face, and consistently oust our critical and insightful comments?
Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network co-founders in 2011 by adopted sisters (known as the Vance Twins) from the book Americanized ‘72: A Generation-X, Coming-of-Age (& Identity) Adoption Story AND The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption by Janine Vance.

Adoption: What You Should Know


Unlike groups led by adoptive parents who tend to concentrate on “how to adopt,” “how to handle the adopted child,” and “how to heal the adoptee when they’re adults,” we are generations ahead of them due to our diverse, realistic, and insightful perspectives founded upon combined years of experiences, research, and investigations into the deepest cracks and crevices of the global adoption market and its aftermath. 
Adoption Truth connects domestic, intercountry, and transracial adopted people while expanding and advancing the discussion to include biological relatives and long-lost family members. Known for being one of the largest adoptee-led groups available on FB, you will also find a bird’s eye view on the industry from diverse individuals. Fellow members typically post the latest articles on adoption from local and global areas. As individuals and a collective, we also provide an environment of camaraderie intended to:
  • Balance the professional field of adoption.
  • Encourage global discussion.
  • Inform and empower all family members separated by adoption.
  • Validate the vast experiences of adopted people
Recommended Reading and Resources:
Adoption Personal and Philosophy here.
Adoption History and Research visit here.
*Caution: Zero tolerance on anything less than equal rights for all humans. We are heavily biased on the issue of equal rights—specifically for adopted people. Antiquated adoption laws ignore the innate equal-rights inborn in all humans to develop relationships with blood-related families if we so wish.  
In this group:
We do NOT endorse adoption agencies campaigning in their attempt for all adopted people to “remain positive about our status as adoptees.” 
You are NOT required to “be positive about adoption.” 
You are NOT required to use “Positive Adoption Language (PAL)” engineered by lobbying and special interest groups. 
You will NOT be scolded by evangelical adoption facilitators, hoards of “want to be successful” adoptive parents, and young want-to-adopt hopefuls if you want to complain about adoption.
No evangelical proselytizing allowed. 
To build upon this community or to volunteer, email
*Do not engage in bullying or harassment. Instead, flag. Admin will review when possible and delete it when deemed appropriate.
Due to the sensitive nature and very personal experiences, admin cannot be responsible for the attitude and actions of every member. Comments do not always reflect the views of the admin. Admin reserves the right to 1.) Delete threads 2.) Remove members. 

Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists

A Global Movement

For the first time in adoption history, families of adoption-loss from all over the world unite, each sharing a unique perspective. The anthology’s contributors are emerging, educated, and established writers, promoting the right to original family.

Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists

Experts from Adoptionland

Our anthology, Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists condenses the topic of adoption–a global movement of children–into a revealing look that identifies and acknowledges a crisis specific to orphans who have been torn and isolated from our first families.

Families separated-by-adoption face unique concerns, rarely recognized by the mainstream. Some of the issues we face include forced and coerced relinquishment, child trafficking, reassigned identities, falsified birth records, inaccessibility to one’s family lineage, lack of citizenship, void of cultural connection, belittling of the trauma caused by adoption, resistance toward reunions with family, denial against justice.

All humans—including orphans—should have a right to know and have access to our first family and to ancestral roots. The demand-driven adoption market ignores childrens’ rights.

"Janine presents a compelling, rational, highly-researched foundation for advocating an evolutionary appraisal of the adoption world, followed by an equal inclusion of adoptee voices in creating positive change in the system. What makes her collection so compelling is the deeply personal revelations of the writers regarding their unique experiences, the profoundly troubling reports (much understated) of mental and physical abuse, as well as the startling recognition of how severely adoption procedures and practices are weighted in favor of existing, profit-motivated institutions as opposed to adoptee rights and consideration."

Joel R. Dennstedt

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Adoption Researcher

International multi-award recipient and gold-medalist author, Janine Myung Ja, Ph.D., is an adoption researcher, and a rights-based activist for people adopted and long-lost families.

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network

A Community for Human Rights

Devoted explicitly to the needs of adopted people, progressive activists, artists, educators, and grassroots human rights organizations and all other long lost family members who want to know the history of the adoption institution and is built around progressive discussion. Thanks for joining! Direct login is here

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