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Story of Tingert

The 36 year old, Tingert, was born in Wonji Shoa. She is a healthy-looking young woman and is an Orthodox Christian. Her mother and father came to Wonji Shoa to look for a job....

By Rebecca Hailemeskel

Rebecca D Hailemeskel, has over ten years of work experience in humanitarian organizations. She did her masters thesis on Ethiopian mothers who relinquish their child/children for international adoption with the objective of creating an understanding and knowledge. She is currently working in a Refugee Resettlement program and an advisory board for the Rebecca, is a mother of two girls.

Magdalene Laundries: 20 years since the last laundry closed in Ireland, five survivors tell their heartbreaking stories

THIS weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the closure of the last Magdalene Laundry in Ireland. On September 25 1996, Ireland’s final laundry, which was located on Sean MacDermott Street in Dublin and run by the Sisters...

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