Category: Adoption Trafficking

What does Adoption Trafficking look like? Forcing, coercing, lying, stealing, brainwashing, misleading, deceiving, scamming, misinforming, threatening, pressuring, counseling, tricking and/or manipulating parents to relinquish their children for the purpose of adoption and then falsifying records to show the adopters as the legal parents. (Adoption profiteers will replace this as “courage” as part of their tactics to persuade the mother to relinquish their child). Money in exchange for a child is how adoption trafficking is carried out, with wealthy individuals (intentionally or unintentionally) taking advantage of poor, vulnerable families around the world. The term ‘adoption’ is culturally misunderstood in some countries and in some other countries the term doesn’t even exist. Adoption may be legal in some countries but still be unethical. Ultimately, adoption is not a genuine child protection measure because it permanently cuts the bonds between family members and alters the identity of the person/child without the person’s permission. Oftentimes adoption agencies exploit original/first families by taking advantage of laws that are meant to protect children from abuse, maltreatment or neglect by facilitating family separation and then matching children with prospective adoptive parents once the state successfully dissolves parental rights in the family court system. Thus, the textbook definition of ‘exploitation’ applies: “Utilization of another person or group for selfish purposes.”

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