Every child has the right to be sold into the adoption market!

“We are complaining because international adoption takes 3 years and costs $28,000.00.”

Every child has the right to be sold into the adoption market so that children can be raised in a loving U.S. or European family. It is okay for a child to be stolen from their parents in rural countries as long as the adoptee has a successful adoption and the industry makes a good match.  It’s okay for the child to be used as a commodity for the adoption industry. Never mind that the unsuspecting foreign parent does not understand the term ‘adoption’. Never mind that the foreign parent placed the child in an orphanage temporarily in order for the child to receive food and education.  Don’t mind that the parents never intended for their child to disappear.  As long as the child ended up in a good loving Christian home, all is good.

Every child deserves the right to be raised in a loving forever Christian home, overseas, away from their origins. Adoption is a beautiful way of taking a child from their original families and country so they can live an advantageous life, as long as they assimilate and become Christians when they are living on their own or start their own families.

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