No longer want the child you adopted?


from Java Films PRO on May 27, 2016

No longer want the child you adopted? Don’t worry, in America, you can place a classified advert on a website and get rid of them. It’s called ‘rehoming’ and a deed signed by a lawyer is enough to transfer parental authority to anyone. There have even been cases of suspected sex offenders or people whose own children were taken away from them by social services ‘rehoming’ other children.

A quarter of children adopted in the USA are later abandoned by their new parents. That’s 25,000 children, every year. Agencies have sprung up, who – for a fee of around $5,000 – try and find new families for these children. But others resort to unofficial adoption networks and it’s there that children are most vulnerable.

We meet Jack, Poppy and Nita, three children passed around like packages and left hurt and confused. We also hear from a father who made the decision to give away his adopted daughter. Heartbreaking and compelling viewing.

Source visit here: bit.ly/2aSZksm

Roelie Post reports on child trafficking aka ‘Rehoming’ that is legal in the United States:

Roelie Post: Against Child Trafficking reports on Unwanted Children Online. You can help now by visiting here or donating using Paypal, making a tax-deductible donation (if you reside in the U.S.) to actusa@riseup.net or to donate and watch Roeli Post’s interview in THE TRAFFICKERS, visit here.

Dan Rather Reports: Unwanted in America, The Shameful Side of International Adoption.

RT Reports: ‘Child Exchange’, U.S. adoptive parents pass on unwanted children to strangers via internet.

CBC News Reports: Adoption Rehoming: How adopted kids can disappear without a trace – the fifth estate.

Also Read – Internet ‘rehoming’: The Dark Side of International Adoptions.

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