The Vance Twins Interviewed by NAAP

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Join host Marcie Keithley as she welcomes Rev. Dr. Janine Myung Ja and Jenette, known as the Vance Twins. Rev. Dr. Janine Myung Ja authored numerous books on the topic of adoption, including The Search for Mother Missing (Vance) and Adoption: What You Should Know, curated Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists. She can be reached at

Jenette is a Reiki Master, certified life coach, and has worked in the Occupational Therapy Profession for more than 25 years mainly in Skilled Nursing Homes in Washington state, including Lifecare. She is an activist for human rights and an advocate for record access for all adopted people.

Together, the twins (also known as the Vance Twins) started Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network (ATTWIN) in November 2011. This social media group on FB has grown into a place for adopted people and families separated by adoption to connect and discuss pertinent adoption issues. The Vance twins serve as co-directors in the US on fundraising & awareness for Against Child Trafficking. They are currently planning the Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium to take place in Washington State on June 18th, 2022. For more information on the educational lecture series, visit Against Child Trafficking USA.

“Such an amazing Happy Hour with the Vance Twins! Hearing their stories were enlightening. So much more the the next chapter after the BSE. I can’t wait to read all of Janine’s books! What an amazing duo these two women are! Each on their own and together. I wish I could be as articulate.” Robin Davis