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In the effort to protect and inform the public on the crisis of adoption trafficking, Adoptionland.org offers the latest global news on the hidden side of adoption given by diverse perspectives.

Already great gains have been made around the world. Due to social media, adopted people and families-of-loss have been validated and even reunited. And, because of the consolidated adoption news, adopting applicants have been saved from paying tens of thousands of dollars in processing fees.

Ultimately, herstory has been added to adoption history. This has shifted the industry dynamic and balanced the scales.

Adult adopted people, the founders of this site, invite and welcome you to participate. You are welcome to post journalistic articles, interviews, documentaries, clips, blog entries and/or share your personal story.

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Due to several spam posts, the website administration determines the publishing of the content.  May your information help others on their journey toward truth and transparency.

*Please have your contribution edited and publish ready.

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