Adoption Lobby Alert: Counseling on how to give Informed Consent for Intercountry Adoption

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The “Hague Adoption Convention” way to relinquish children.

Because of the strong western demand for adoptable babies, the adoption pressure groups must keep the blood-gates of ‘available’ children open. Adoption agencies need the “Hague” industry stamp of approval in order to appear ethical. This is an actual video demonstrating how the Haitian community receives education on “the child’s best interest.” This type of counseling empowers the adoption industry and adopters while at the same time dis-empowers and misleads the Haitian parents. This method also protects the adoption industry, consisting of paying adopters. If the exploited mothers ever said they didn’t know what ‘adoption’ was, the industry can come back and say the mother received counseling and education. Rather, as evident by this video, they were brainwashed and manipulated into a script. This adds to the evidence that the Hague Adoption Convention legalizes child trafficking under the guise of child protection built to legitimize the practices of profiteers and adoptive parents. They can claim the children is legally theirs but the real family is left behind and never permitted to communicate with their children ever again–even when the child reaches adulthood. Permanent loss. In contrast, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children, a legal binding agreement between nations, recognizes children’s rights. Adoption pressure groups have one priority: to refine ways to secure adoptable babies for the child market. This gives the Hague accreditation adopters all rights to the child, the industry makes the money, and the rights of mothers and children continue to be violated.

Is this really “the best interest of children?”

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