Do you have questions about an adoption agency?

Parents of Loss

  • Were you given counseling that encouraged you to keep your child and told you of the long-term emotional losses and lack of parental rights involved with adoption?
  • Were you coaxed into not revealing the father of your child?
  • Was the agency completely honest about your child’s placement?
  • Was your child sent to a “better” home as “promised” by the agency?
  • Were you advised that relinquishing the child would be in the child’s best interest?
  • Did the agency tell you how much they profited from their adoption placement “service?”
  • Did the adoption agency claim that your child was “unwanted” in their advertising campaigns?
  • Were you told that an “open” adoption would benefit you, but then prevented from seeing your child as agreed upon?
  • Prior to signing paperwork, were you counseled or given education on less severe options?
  • Do you suspect due to being told your infant was stillborn, that your child could still be alive and possibly processed for adoption?
  • Were you encouraged to lie in court for the best interest of the agencies or the adopters.
  • Did the adoption agency (recruiter) lead you to believe that your child would be better in the west or claim that your child would be “educated” and return to you once s/he finished school?
  • Was your child abducted and never returned because she was processed legally for intercountry adoption?
  • Did you have the funds or the ability to obtain justice against the corporate ethical adoption agency?
  • Did the agency use coercion, force, manipulation, exploitation, brainwashing (neuro linguistic programming) tactics to convince you to sign relinquishment papers?
  • Did the agency provide an adequate home study of the applying adoptive homes which also included the tendencies toward or blatant mental disorders of the adopters and residents within the house?
  • Did the agency treat you disrespectfully? Or treated you with care and consideration until you signed the paperwork and then ignored your concerns?
  • Is the adoption agency barred from working with specific countries, use unethical practices or not seeking due diligence in the placement of children?
  • Was the financial records not to industry standards, revised, or withheld from the general public?
  • What kind of education do the Social Workers have to work at the agency? Was it a quick training course to get certified in the best interest of the agency? Is your social worker trained on Child Rights?

The above is a list of the current concerns parents of loss have been silently struggling with for decades.

Thank you.

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