No parent should ever have their child stolen to meet the intercountry-adoption market demand. Through our Family Reunification Program, you can help bring together parents with their taken children. In most cases, the children are adults by the time they have learned the truth about their origin.
Gift of Hope supports the most vulnerable families targeted by adoption traffickers. Your Gift of Hope helps us address the specific vital needs of families whose children were taken for adoption-trafficking purposes— needs that have been ignored by the self-regulated adoption industry.
 Your Gift of Hope will provide a safe and supportive reunion for mothers, fathers, and families of loss to finally reunite with their children—children who have been stolen for adoption purposes and are now adults.
All efforts should be made to keep families together. Through our global network of on-the-ground experts and partnerships, we work to reunite children with their rightful families. We never promote or sever children from their original family. Unlike profiteers, we respect all human rights declarations and conventions.
In order to fill the demand for children, profiteers tend to target at-risk and vulnerable families. We believe that adopted people should have a right to access to their personal birth information, including adoption documents and original birth certificates. We also know that truth and transparency have the power to prevent the oppression of more families.
Not only are children’s rights violated, such as the right to know one’s own birth identity and family, but also women and indigenous communities are exploited. Children are not commodities and therefore should not be used for profit. We have zero tolerance for orphan trafficking. Another child trafficked is one child too many. You can help. A Gift of Hope is one small step toward healing a lifetime of loss.

Gift of Hope

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The ACT USA Team