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2021 Adoption Concerns

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Reasons why people may register a complaint and what to watch out for with unethical adoptions.  Keep in mind that though adoption may be legal in the United States or other European countries, what happens behind ‘closed’ doors or in foreign countries to obtain ‘your’ child is not always ethical and could lead to child trafficking.
If your agency does not comply with the UNCRC be cautious and suspicious.
  • Sealing original birth records
  • lack of US citizenship
  • Adoptees finding out they were not orphans and has families in their native country that wanted them and have been searching for them
  • Siblings and twins being separated and many years later discovered this but never told by adoption agencies. Records/documents being falsified or modified and never finding out true information about the biological parents,
  • Adoptees going to abusive homes with no way to get help.
  • Inter-country adoptees not being able to speak the same language or placed in rural areas without access to help of people from their own cultural/ethnic background or a hotline for help in the language of their ethnicity.
  • The lack of agencies help in finding their biological families. or charging big fees.
  • Changing the spellings of natural parents so it is difficult to do birth searches.
  • Agencies keeping natural parent’s letters away from adoptees and vice versa.
  • Lack of transparency.
Natural Parents:
  • Telling Natural parents that they are not good enough to be parents.
  • Telling Natural mothers to keep the natural father a secret and move away to have their baby.
  • Lying to the Natural or foreign parents regarding where their child is going.
  • Advising the Natural mother to lie in court for the best interest of the agencies or the adopters.
  • Reassures Natural parents that this is an ‘open’ adoption but once the paperwork is signed AP disappear and there is nothing they can do to find their child
  • Not educating the parents on ALL their options.
  • Not helping the Natural parents to keep their children: using coercion, manipulation, lying, taking advantage of, brainwashing (neuro-linguistic programming) tactics to ultimately have the real parents’ sign relinquishment papers. Pushing for relinquishment papers to be signed before the mother gives birth.
  • Telling Natural parents that their child was stillborn when really the child is alive.
  • Telling foreign parents their child is going to America for an education and will come back to help them.
  • Telling foreign parents their child is better off in Europe or America.
  • Outright kidnapping babies or stealing the infant from natural vulnerable parents who do not have the funds for legal expenses or may not speak the language.
Prospective Adoptive Parents (“PAPs” for short) or Adopters:
  • Charge PAPs large amounts of unexplained fees or tell PAPs they must pay more ‘hidden fees’ in order to continue their adoption process or ‘donate’ to the orphanage. Money is kept by the orphanage owners to benefit their own families.
  • Lack of a thorough home study or paying extra to ‘pass’ a home study. Or the home study bias because it was not done by a third party.
  • Children having mental or physical challenges that were not mentioned in documents or show dangerous behaviors.
  • Taking advantage of potential adopters’ emotions especially if they are infertile or suffered a loss by implying adoption will help them heal.
  • Using religion or guilt such as “saving” an orphan as rhetoric to encourage adoption.
  • Alter the child’s age information, background information, or withholding important information.
  • Signing clauses that Adopters will not sue the agency if they cannot provide the child of choice or if something goes wrong.
  • Implying children are orphans by stating they help ‘vulnerable’ children.
  • Stories don’t make sense.  Trust your intuition.
  • Lack of transparency
Rehoming children is child trafficking. Please do not participate in this.
The above are some of the current concerns and issues that natural families, adopted people, PAPs, and adopters have been silently struggling with for many decades.  Because these are real issues of concern please read Adoption: What You Should Know.
Thank you
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