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Hi, my name is Rossella Carrara Hürlemann and I’m looking for my biological parents. I was born in Peru.
Rossella was adopted 44 years ago and wants to find biological parents.  She lives in Germany, has three daughters, and says that at six months she was given up for adoption to an Italian woman. She says that since she was 18 years old, she has been looking for her real parents, and now more than ever in times of pandemic she wants to help them. Rossella Cambiaghi Santagostino is 44 years old and lives in Germany. From a young age, she knew that she was not her parents’ biological daughter. When she turned 18, the search for her identity began, which became the reason for her life. Today she wants to meet her biological mother.
The woman is from Huánuco , where Rossella was handed over to her foster family at six months of age.
In her search, Rossella discovered a dark network of baby adoptions in which nuns and bad municipal officials, and an embassy in Peru participated.
Rossella would have been born in 1977 or at the end of 1976. On August 6, 1977, she was registered in Acomayo, Chinchao. According to the few documents she has had access to, she was adopted by an Italian woman named Maria Bambina Cambiaghi Santagostino. The strange thing is that the entry was recorded with the date of birth on July 30, 1977.
“That is not correct, because it was already six months or so,” she tells us. Then she adds: “My adoptive mom wasn’t married, so after she got married, my last name changed to Carrara.”
Just a memory of love Rossella does not have any names of her biological mother or father.
“I only know that my mother was very young and that when she gave me up for adoption, she left me a bag with baby clothes that she crocheted by hand with all her love. “Until I was 6 months old, I was with my biological mother, then they changed my identity,” she assures La República.
She says that when she turned 18, the desire to know about her origins was born in her. “But every time I asked my (adoptive) mom, she got upset. We have never had an open and honest conversation about it.”
She maintains that in the birth certificate the declarant is Mrs. Consuelo Veramendi de Sueldo. “They told me she was the director of the Santa María de Guadalupe Children’s Home and Charity in Huánuco.” “She (Consuelo) had a store in Jirón de Huallayco 750, Huánuco, and a farm in Tarma. The owner of the hacienda was Don Armando Sueldo, Consuelo’s husband who knew my biological mother. Unfortunately, the lady passed away years ago,” she says in dialogue with La República.
The adoption process Rossella says that the adoption process was done through the Italian Monfortan Catholic missionaries of Bergamo, in charge of the Italian priest Ernesto Zanga, who has already passed away, and the Italian nun Giovanna Zanga, of the Catholic congregation Daughters of Wisdom, in Paucarbamba, Huánuco.
“She has confessed to me that she did not meet my biological mother but that between June and July 1977, she picked me up from the room of Mrs. Consuelo Veramendi de Sueldo and took me to the room of the Daughters of Wisdom for 2 or 3 weeks, without declaring myself before a court and without knowing my identity”, she indicates.
She adds: “Later, my foster mom picked me up to take me to Italy. On August 11, 1977, at the Italian embassy in Lima, they processed some documents for my expatriation,” she says. “I grew up in Italy until I was 30 years old and now I live in Germany.”
In 2008 she traveled to Peru hoping to find her real parents, but she could not find them. In 2012 she got married and went to live in Duesseldorf, Germany, where she currently lives. I thank God for my life, but I still have a deep desire to find my biological parents and thank them for giving me life, especially in this period of a pandemic. I want to know how they are and help them if necessary. She searches for the truth and hopes that one day she will meet her biological parents or a blood relative who has saved some photos of her parents or the due date. Rossella decided to make her search public and hopes to receive information that will help her find her real parents.
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