Why did you adopt me to a pedophile? In an unfamiliar land, as the only Asian…

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Broadcast Date: Friday, October 28, 2022 at 10:00 PM

People from various countries such as the United States and Belgium, mainly from Denmark, argued that illegal adoptions such as coercion, bribery, and forgery of documents appeared in their overseas adoption process, and urged them to reveal the truth about human rights violations and state intervention.

Why are those who have lived their whole lives as foreign nationals returning to their unfamiliar homeland where no language is spoken and raising their voices so much now that decades have passed? This week’s we examine the brutality of overseas adoption in Korea, which has adopted about 250,000 children around the world over the past 60 years.

 “I am not an orphan.”

Kim Yu-ri was adopted to France in 1984.” Earlier this year, while checking adoption papers, she said that she learned a new fact that she was listed as an “orphan” in the family register. She was placed in an orphanage due to her mother’s hardship and was in the 6th grade of elementary school when she was sent to France for adoption. I was old enough to remember both the names of my biological parents and my life in Korea. However, in the adoption papers that Yuri received, the names of the biological parents were all recorded as ‘unknown’. Luis Kwang, who was adopted to Denmark in 1974, has been visiting Korea since 2017 to find his mother. For over 40 years, Mr. Lewis has lived only knowing that he is an orphan. One day, she received a letter from an adoption agency, saying that she began to find her own roots while watching her daughter grow up. And, to my surprise, the letter contained information about my biological parents, whom I had only thought of for the rest of my life.

How the hell could these things have happened?

Adoption papers that cover the existence of the biological parents that he clearly remembers and that he only thought would never exist. “My father’s name is ‘Anonymous’? no. My father’s name is Kim Cheon-soo. My surname is not ‘Hanyang seaweed’ but ‘Gimhae seaweed’.” – Kim Yu-ri / French Korean adoptee – “I am not an orphan. This is all lies. Unacceptable. It destroys people’s identities. It’s also my identity.” – Louis Kwang / Danish Korean adoptee

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