Tribute to Roelie Post

A Tribute to Roelie Post collected by United Adoptees International

Janine Vance author of The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption, Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists, Adoption: What You Should Know & Co-Founder of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network reviews Roelie Post’s book, Romania for Export Only: the Untold Story of the Romanian ‘Orphans’.

Roelie Post

Roelie Post‘s book, Romania for Export Only: the Untold Story of the Romanian ‘Orphans’, exposes the formation of an unjust legalized system called inter-country adoption, in which children are taken from their families and sent to foreigners. By reading the book, I was given insights into how adoption lobbyists forcefully and subtly manipulate their agenda into countries—one country at a time. This particular book focuses on Romania. The author does not tell the reader what to believe, but rather we get to form our own opinion as we follow her experiences in the effort to protect the Romanian children between 1999 and 2006.

Roelie writes the book in a diary format, which starts on the first day of her new position for the European Commission. Diary entries document and demonstrate how the adoption lobbyists infiltrated Romania, and as a result –just like in Asia and now in parts of Africa– created a “child protection” mess that Human Rights Activists and adult adopted people are currently trying to clean up. Her book is informative, suspenseful, and shines a light on the adoption corruption that has intentionally been kept hidden from the mainstream.

Because I was labeled an “orphan” by an American-owned adoption agency and then sent overseas in 1972, I am motivated to investigate inter-country adoption’s underworld. I am able to recognize how Roelie’s attempt to protect the Romanian children correlates with my attempt to find my Korean family. The diary entries confirm the feelings I’ve had as an adult adoptee, but have been unacknowledged and resisted by those who profit from the industry. I applaud Roelie for having the courage to detail her time, working on Romania’s child protection efforts.

After researching adoption and participating in adult adoptee groups and discussions for years, I have watched the concerned voices of adult adoptees be ignored, demeaned, insulted, and attacked by zealous adoption lobbyists and facilitators. In the global effort to “save” children under the veneer of love and protection, inter-country adoption has exploded into an operation that finds homes for children who already have families. It is not about the abandonment of children, but shaming and deserting vulnerable mothers, fathers, family units, and communities.

By the time I had finished Romania for Export Only, Roelie had earned my respect. I admire the author’s empathy for the children and her ability to stay focused and tenacious throughout the story–especially when faced with adversaries. Readers will understand how challenging it was for the Romanian Team to protect the children against an intentional, strategic, and determined force. We all know that when history is ignored, it is bound to repeat itself. And it has. Adoption profiteers have spanned its web into every continent on earth.  Let us not ignore this account.

Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists

Adoptionland is a must-read for anyone. A captivating book that brings us the voices of those who live the consequences of adoption. The world at large should listen and draw conclusions. We cannot undo mistakes that happened in the past, but we can make sure that such mistakes will not happen again. Mistakes, of course, is an understatement. A demand-driven trade in children should be considered a crime against humanity. I congratulate all authors for their courage to step out. I congratulate the authors for their excellent storytelling.  The adoptionland is driven by business interests, personal greed, religious motives, etc. Their deals are done during business deals and cocktail hours. But the orphans turned into activists are a growing force which politicians will need to reckon with. Roelie Post, Author of Romania for Export Only, The Untold Story of the Romanian Orphans

Today Roelie Post runs an organization called ACT. This organization is vital in the movement to protect the family and recognize the crimes committed. ACT promotes the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child), which first and foremost gives children the right to be cared for by their families and to stay within their original communities. In order to end inter-country adoption abuses—also deemed “glorified” child-trafficking by many adult adopted people and survivors—we must follow the money and hold the guilty accountable. Governments are being deceived. Families are being coerced and manipulated. Child trafficking is a crime. It is time for the voice of the severed families and our advocates to be heard. It is time to take action.

Romania for Export Only: the Untold Story of the Romanian ‘Orphans’ is a must-read. 

Thank you for your consideration in this matter,

Author and Researcher, Janine Myung Ja specializing in conscious-centered living, & Co-founder of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network

Author and Researcher, Janine Myung Ja specializing in conscious-centered living, & Co-founder of Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network


 Rev. Janine Myung Ja, Ph.D., Philosophy, Personal and Philosophy | Adoption Research & Politics

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