10 Hidden Adoption Secrets

10+ Hidden Adoption Surprises in 2021

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Read ADOPTION: What You Should Know before you write the $30,000 check.
Important Information You Should Know Before Adopting
Newly Released: Adoption: What You Should Know reveals many truths about adoption that will surprise you and is necessary information needed before you consider adopting or relinquishing a child. If you are adopted, you will also find value in this book. It will give you deeper insight into your own adoption and a global bird’s eye view on the practice. Learn how the child movement began, spread, and why some domestic and international adult adoptees are against the practice today. Know more about the history and the industry than the professionals in the field. This unconventional history book has been called mind-blowing by fellow adoptee-rights activists. The main movements of children are organized into four sections and referred to as Orphan Ships (Europe), Orphan Trains (America), Orphan Planes (Asia), and Orphan Trafficking (Africa). This investigation by the co-founder of Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network, the largest adoptee-led group on social media, offers the information you need to make informed decisions about the practice. *NOTE: Previously sold as Adoption History 101: An Orphan’s Research.
According to the poll results initiated by Adoption Truth Transparency Worldwide Network in 2019, 74.3% of all adopted people surveyed admitted to having had thoughts of suicide (80% according to the ongoing 2020+ survey.) If we want to strengthen the community, we must see adoption from the deepest dimensions and its highest realm rooted in equal rights. We can do this by sharing stories. Caring and sharing are the motivation from which the author of Adoption Books for Adults researches and writes. If you like to read and would like to help the community speak truth to power, you will find value in this collective.
After all, is said and done, we must ask, what now? What are the best protective and healing measures going forward? At this point in human history, the politics of adoption will be changing dramatically as more of the public acknowledge the bigger picture. To protect families from what many in the past and around the world have called a legalized “child migration scheme”, the public needs to know how adoption has evolved. Janine Myung Ja has chosen to acknowledge issues that the industry has tried to sweep under the rug. Be the first to “be in the know.” By doing so, you will be able to arm yourself with information that will empower you to stand for equal rights for all.
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