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“I Can Never Forget:

AFTERNOON. HOLIDAY. SUN IS SHINING. Normal people would spend this time with their family, but for those of us involved with Against Child Trafficking, this is not an option.  Instead, we keep working and fighting (against all odds) for adoptee and children’s rights. But none of us realized that the players involved would be so big or that we would find so little support for our work when we started.  None of us thought that adoptees, and large parts of the adoption community, would fail to understand the crimes against humanity in order to develop workable solutions.  To put it bluntley-the adoption community at large ensures that adoption will continue, business as usual.”   Read more from Arun Dohle  here.

Arun Dohle interviewed on BBC World News:

Interview in the context of the current baby trafficking scandal in Kolkata which involves the Sri Krishna nursing home which used to supply babies to International Mission of Hope as well.

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